This is a small portion of our rodent colony. We generally have around 2000 rats, 200 ASFs and 300 mice at any given time. We are continually expanding our colony as we would like to be able to sell frozen rodents here on the website. At the moment we are only selling locally. We handle our rats frequently so our babies are very friendly and make excellent pets. However, our colony has a specific purpose and that is to feed our snakes. We understand this but choose to treat them with respect and love.

If you live in the area, we are really looking for regular customers who will need a specific order every week. 

Our prices are as follows:

Pinkie Rats $1.25

Rat Pups $1.50

Crawler Rats $1.75

Weanling Rats $2.25

Small Rats $2.75

Medium Rats $3.25

Large Rats $3.75

Jumbo Rats $5.50

Breeder Female Rats $6.00

Small Hairless Rats $5.00

Med Hairless Rats $7.50

Large Hairless Rats $10.00

Female Breeder Mice $4.00

African Soft Furred Rats

ASF Pinks $1.50

ASF Pups $2.50

ASF Weaned $4.50

ASF Medium $5.50

ASF Adult $7.50

ASF Female $10.50

Pinkie Mice $0.75

Fuzzy Mice $0.90

Hopper Mice $1.00

Half Grown Mice $1.25

Adult Mice $1.50

Fancy Mice $3.75