2017 Pairings (NSF = not for sale)

Haley (Enchi) + Frank (Blackhead) 

3 Eggs

Female Cinnamon Enchi NFS

Female Blackhead Enchi NFS

Male Blackhead $250.00

Sparkle (Bumble Bee) + Melcom (FireFly)

5 Eggs

Male Super Pastel Fire NSF

Male Pastel Fire Spider $350.00

Male Fire Spider $175.00

Female Fire Spider $200.00

Male Fire $50.00 (SOLD)

Moon (Normal) + Avalanche Cinnamon Lessor

5 Eggs

Female Lessor $100.00

Female Cinnamon $100.00

2 Males Normal $25.00 Each

Male Cinnamon Lessor $175.00

Male Cinnamon Lessor Paradox $200.00

Patty (Normal) + Diablo (Pastel Lessor Het Clown)

7 Eggs (Not for sale YET!!!)

Female Pastel Lessor

Female Pastel Lessor

Female Pastel

Male Normal

Male Normal

Female Normal

Male Normal

Piper (Pied) + Spartacus (Black Pastel Vanilla Hypo)

6 Eggs (Not for sale YET!)

Male Vanilla DH Hypo Pied

Male Vanilla DH Hypo Pied

Male Vanilla DH Hypo Pied

Female Vanilla DH Hypo Pied

Male Vanilla Black Pastel

Female Vanilla Black Pastel


Eggs that have not hatched just yet!

Herra (Normal) + Frank (Cinnamon Blackhead) 9 eggs

Ellie (?Normal) + Moscow (Ivory) 6 eggs

Gamma (Yellow Belly) + Way (Specktor) 6 eggs

Dallas (Het Albino) + Rocket (Albino) 4 eggs

Shiraz (Pinstripe) + Johnson (Super Enchi Lessor) 7 eggs

Judy (Lessor) + M.J. (Sulfur Mojave Bee) 6 eggs

Sheba (?Normal) + Moscow (Ivory) 5 eggs

Daffy (Yellow Belly) + Melcom (Fire Fly) 7 eggs

Star (?Normal) + Aspine (Leopard Spider) 7 eggs

Cheekie (Normal) + Rio (Banana Spiner)  12 eggs


Cheekie (Normal) X Rio (Banana Spiner) 12 Eggs

Sheba (Normal) X Moscow (Ivory) 5 Eggs

Ellie (Normal) X Moscow (Ivory) 6 Eggs

You may have noticed that some of our pairings used 2 males. We do this with our young males who we haven't seen lock, just to make sure the female gets covered. We try to use an experienced male with the same genes or obviously different ones.

Minnie (Normal) X Hissy (Lemon Pastel) 4 eggs 1 slug

Hera (Het Albino) X Frank (Cinnamon Blackhead) 9 Eggs