Hard Times Herps provides the best quality Ball Pythons for your enjoyment.  We also provide rats, ASFs and mice to feed your friends.

About Us

Hard Times Herps was born on Hard Times Ranch a couple years ago. It is a full partnership of Susan Stauffer and daughter Amy Flynn. The rest of the family help out with logistical issues, but the animals are our passion alone. We are a small family business set up to promote and champion the owning of Ball Pythons.

We also have a fairly large rat colony numbering around 2000 at any given time and we typically have a couple hundred mice. We also have African Soft Furred Rats in limited quantities. We do sell feeders locally, live and frozen. We treat our rodents with respect even though they are the food source for our snakes. They are handled often and many are sold as pets. 

We also freely share the knowledge we have gained over the last couple of years.

Want to see some of our other warm blooded critters? Check out the Ranch page below....